European Pharmacopeia (EP)

Biopuremax is the best pre-treatment for purified water

The production of WFI with non-distillation technologies is now part of the European Pharmacopeia (EP). The EP has now harmonized with the USP that has allowed this technology for WFI production for over 30 years.

Biopuremax is specialized in pharmaceutical water system design without distillation according to EP revised monograph on “Water for Injection allowing production by non-distillation technologies”, issued 18 March 2016.

By not installing and operating distillation equipment, the total life cycle costs, both invested and operational, can be drastically reduced.
In EP purified water treatment systems, the challenge is not to achieve the needed chemical standards. The real challenge is to have the low bacteria suitable for EP pharmaceutical grade water. This is especially true if Water for Injection is desired.

As the Biopuremax has no added chemicals and no organic media, it is perfect as a EP water system as the system is guaranteed to have very low total bacteria counts