Hydro Optical De-Chlorination (HOD™)

The ESR™ treated water is de-chlorinated with Hydro Optical De-Chlorination unit (HOD™), by exposure to ultra violet radiation which decomposes the oxidizer (free chlorine, chloramines and chlorine dioxide).

HOD™ maintenance requirements:
The lamps have to be replaced every 4000 hours of operation.
CIP cleaning of quartz sleeve inside surface 3-4 times a year.

HOD™ Technical operating data:

The comparison of inlet chlorine and outlet chlorine is easy with online instrumentation.
A sample graph is attached.

HOD™ power consumption:

Power for HOD™ per m3/hr flow: 0.25 kW.
This is calculated for max inlet level of 1.00 ppm free chlorine and exit of less than 0.05 ppm.
As the function of power is the product of a log calculation, the power for a max inlet level of 4.00 ppm free chlorine and exit of less than 0.05 ppm will be less than 0.35 kW per m3/hr flow.

HOD detailed technical information:

The unit consists of a quartz radiation chamber with a SS housing and SS 316 connections.
The UV lamp is a medium pressure lamp that gives a wide spread of wave lengths.
The lamps are sized to radiate at an intensity of minimum 1700 mJ/cm2. This intensity is monitored and alarmed.
The high dosage breaks down the free chlorine and also disinfects the water.
The HOD™ is modular and can have 1-4 lamps, or more if needed, per flow rate.


Chlorine Reduction Graph In water purification procces - BioPureMax

HOD – Chlorine

Reduction Graph